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Hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean

Category : General 4K UHD

During hurricanes and tropical storms homeowners are always extremely concerned with not just a loss of property but also vandalism and theft. Any instance of a tropical storm can quickly lead to opportunity for criminals and opportunistic individuals. Having security cameras installed in both residential and commercial properties abroad cannot just deter the act but also allow remote access, at least will be Internet is still working, for a quick viewing and confirming the lockdown status of the property. 

security camera monitoring for properties during storms

hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean

Here we see the early formation of tropical storm Matthew in the Eastern Caribbean September 2016. The amount of immediate damage two properties throughout the Caribbean is always multipronged. Loss of valuables and a reduction in tourist visits quickly lead to a financial drain for any business owner. Hurricanes and tropical storms also create long-term damage to many areas which also affects the pocketbook. It is vital to have an effective security system in place that will provide peace of mind to  a property owner that lives abroad. Having the ultimate ultra high definition resolution is helpful in identifying important details when a crisis arises. 4K cameras are affordable and extremely available and current marketplace. These UHD cameras Can be used in the Caribbean and other corrosive environment while reproducing the now familiar 4K format. Many of the new DVR’s also have multiple outputs for different styles of monitors. VGA, HDMI, and composite are many times available. 

4K security cameras are the perfect solution for high detail in an ultra secure environment. Wether using this technology in IP camera form or via coaxial cable in an EXSDI System, UHD security cameras are the latest and greatest of all video security Systems. Recorders are also available now in many configurations that allow the processing of the 4K signal. Make sure to inquire about processing power and memory since this increased video size will require additional muscle on the video recorder side. If viewing offsite is necessary make sure you carefully select a device that will allow high definition via networking and provide the same HD format over smart phones and tablets. 

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Small fixed lens 4M IP bullet from Uniview Signature

Category : General 4K UHD

The latest signature offer from Uniview (UNV CCTV) with the new black out IR Cover hits some good notes but overlooks tamper resistance. 

IP bullet with 4 megapixels

The bracket is strong enough to support the heavier body and the wire harness is easy to tuck away. However this IP Bullet camera has an easy to access bracket adjustment and reset switch in the rear that leaves vandals plenty of chances for a quick disable job. 

The graphic menus on the IP camera are clean and efficient with an intuitive structure that can easily be navigated by even the most novice users. Producing 4M video on a small surveillance cameras is no easy feat since the noise ratio is usually higher. The noise creates a breakdown of the resolution in low light with further assistance in interference from the on-board video compression. Many of these models use the now popular OV CMOS which in itself has higher low light noise levels and is widely regarded as a low cost solution for night time surveillance. 

If an Economic solution is desired, then this low cost mini IP 4M bullet has all the features and the necessary low price tag to meet the requirements. This signature up camera from UNV is available from many OEM suppliers at a variety of prices. 

In many ways, the Uniview signature IP Cameras have filled the gap between Dahua and Hikvision for the commercial surveillance industry. 

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Uniview 4M IR Dome

Category : General 4K UHD

Not to be confused with 4K but still a great value with clean 4MP resolution. This Uniview ( Now UNV branded) Outdoor dome has limited IR distance with some IR bounce which is to be expected from any dome shaped cover. This new entry from an America owned Chinese manufacturer is an impressive additional to the IP camera family. Its extremely recognizable design will make it easy for any distributor to shop and price.

Uniview IR dome


*           Smart IR, up to 30m (98 ft) IR distance

*           Up to 120 dB Optical WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)

*           Lowlight surveillance

*           3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)


*           H.265, H.264, MJPEG

*           Embedded smart algorithm

*           Triple streams

*           ROI (Region of Interest)

*           9:16 corridor mode


*           ONVIF Conformance


*           Built-in PoE splitter that outputs DC 12V

*           Wide temperature range: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

*           Wide voltage range of ±25%

*           IK10 vandal resistant

*           IP66


Next we will test the new signature 4MP outdoor Turret IP Camera. POE on board and a single high power IR LED. Security cameras with this design have become popular and use only one infrared illuminator. Uniview designs their bases with screw covers and ring protectors that add to the aesthetics of the design. 


Uniview Turret 4MP

Signature Uniview IPC


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Vehicle 4K Surveillance Systems

Category : General 4K UHD

Vehicles throughout the world are now equipped with video surveillance as a means of protecting the public and creating an extremely useful tool for insurance claims. Many business owners depend on real time video streaming through 3G or 4G connections that allow instant access to the cabins and exterior of vehicles. This enables individuals to instantly track their valuable possessions without doubt clouding judgment when business needs to be conducted to generate profits. With the advent of the latest technology in high definition surveillance many systems for vehicles are being upgraded to make a pixel rated resolutions. A question that comes up as many trade shows and events throughout the world is when will UHD 4K be available for vehicles? Yes, there is never simple solution when it comes to sending large packets of information through cellular connections and storing in compromised environments like a truck cabin or a cargo ships engine room. Having a well engineers system is the key for any successful and long lasting installation.


However, megapixel technology is currently being deployed in many high-risk environment including container ships, barges, and aircraft. This leads to the idea that 8 megapixel UHD is only around the corner for applications that involve vehicles. With the evolution of high definition platforms in the 4K category many manufacturers are currently working on ruggedized solutions for vehicles that will soon allow cities and private industries to deploy The latest in high definition technology.

Another very important consideration is size. When designing and deploying surveillance systems in vehicles many times space is limited. Miniature cameras with limited infrared reach and intern limited heat production are critical for these environments. In the megapixel world many times the front-end viewing device will not be reduced in size until A prolonged period of time that allows for immature circuit design and components that can dissipate the heat necessary for size reduction.

Solutions for 4K in the near future include subway trains and city buses where individuals require an extra level of safety monitoring.