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Axis releases new 4k speed dome

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November 2015

Axis has released details on its new eight megapixel rated (4k) speed dome for outdoor use (The new AXIS Q6128-E camera).

Although there are many companies who claim to provide a 4K rated PTZ device, many have limitations like frame rate or use stitching to achieve maximum resolution. This new model operates at full 30 frames per second and provides an astonishing speed of 700° per second which produces a native 4K image without all the tricks. 

With an optical zoom of 12 times magnification The solution is sure to impress during real world performance. 

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In the not so distant future

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we can easily envision a world controlled by AI Megasystems which many have predicted will rule the world. In that twisted landscape video surveillance, security cameras and audio monitoring would become the eyes and ears for the machines controlling the environment. Picturing rebellious humans destroying surveillance cameras and monitoring devices is not so far-fetched.  


Tracking traffic patterns for vehicles and pedestrians will become commonplace utilizing analytics. Some industry analyst even theorized that by 2026 most humans in large cities will be sharing automatic vehicles to get around. In all of these rolls, video surveillance will play the principal aspect of monitoring and remote control. 

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New App for Nubix DVRs

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After more than 10 years of providing Korean made technology through the Orbix and Nubix line of DVRs utilizing the Imon App, A new release has been uploaded into the App Store. The new features on this app include calendar search, faster refresh rate and clear resolution.  

A new central management software will also be available in the coming weeks. Please request more information if you desire an update. 


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Quality questions on UHD CCTV

The most common question heard today by security professionals has to be “what is the best resolution available?”

This is a very difficult question to answer based on the fact that budgetary concerns are a massive limitation for most applications.

However, for those that have unlimited budgets there are many levels of ultra megapixel cameras available, Even some going beyond the 20 megapixel range.

For UHD 4K systems, we return to the same limitations as legacy analog or IP. Many levels of quality exist within the 4K resolution arena. There are cameras available on the market for under $400 which are rated at 4K (8 megapixel) yet some of the nicest ones we’ve seen are well over $1000 each. So what makes the difference? The answer could be something as simple as the lens. Much like camera prices, there are many levels of quality and prices for lenses that are rated UHD. Once again we have seen prices ranging from $50 up to $600 for a single fixed lens. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Eve true 4K resolution is what you desire, be prepared to shell out a substantial amount of money to get real 4kcctv.

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China public security expo

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October 2015 was the month for one of the largest security exhibitions in the world. China Public Security Exposition or CPSE as it is commonly known, was attended by many international customers but to the dismay of many of the exhibitors attendance this year was much lower than normal. 

The main topic and most hyped about technology this year was definitely 4K UHD. Many solutions were displayed including IP and EXSDI. The company leading the way for coax based 4K is Eyenix from Korea. This technology promises to increase resolution without sacrificing picture quality. By utilizing a lower frequency and the current SDI standard EX-SDI Will allow for greater distances and cable runs and increased resolution up to the 4K mark.


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locations of CCTV Showrooms and offices

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HD Video can be found:

HD-SDI CCTV is Still number one for image quality and professionals that seek a premium quality solution for their customers. 

When approaching an existing job site that already has analog deployed, adding high definition over coacts me digital format like SDI is a perfect solution for many integrators. Using a hybrid SDI solution allows installers to use existing infrastructure well slowly updating the customer system to high definition without a large investment. 

High Def 4K HD CCTV for Surveillance in Miami, Clearwater, Tampa, Phoenix and Mexico 

Asia offices in Korea, Shenzhen, China and Taiwan

CPSE trade show image: Visited VIDEO security brands include: 

SONY surveillance solutions 

Cortex CCTV

Panasonic CCTV





Technology available: AHD, TVI, SDI, CVI, and the new EX-SDI

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Brands for CCTV

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Cortex, Eclipse and MAX CCTV: Serving the security industry since 1998

With an extensive and mature product line of HD quality CCTV products, we can fill any need. 4KCCTV is just a scratch on the surface for all the solutions provided.

in 2014, The ISC west show booth 6135 for Eclipse was perfect for releasing this new technology to the world. Many wondering eyes marveled at the perfect image produced by our HDSDI 1080P camera and DVRs. 4KCCTV was very popular and in heavy use of this buzz word. We hope that next year is just as good.


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4K CCTV is hot!

4K TVs are coming! Soon we will have movies in higher resolution than ever. But what about security? Fact is, the surveillance industry has been using 4K plus resolution for many years. Megapixel cameras ranging in the 8. 10, 12, and even 16MP have been used in many applications worldwide.

What we really need is the mass manufacturing of 4K cameras and recorders for surveillance. This will come in due time… right after 720P, 1080P and 5MP IP cameras and HD-SDI cameras. Regardless of how you get the signal from the camera to the recorder, HD is the new standard for security recording and evidence collection.

As a manufacturer of the latest high tech equipment, Cortex and Max lead the way for HD cameras, recorders and accessories.

Contact us and find out how you can implement HD for your viewing pleasure today!


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Hacked Security cameras from Engadget News

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Increase Use Of CCTV For Traffic Fines Raises £300 Million

Closed-circuit security cameras are supposed to make you safer, but some malware is turning them into weapons. Researchers at Incapsula have discovered code that turned about 900 Linux-based CCTV cameras into a botnet, which promptly bombarded an unnamed “large cloud service” that serves millions of people. The intruders compromised cameras from multiple brands, all of which had lax out-of-the-box security — in some cases, they’d been hacked by more than one person.

The botnet conducted a “run of the mill” denial of service attack, and it would be relatively easy to thwart the attackers with a bit of caution. However, it underscores the potential dangers of security cameras. There are millions of connected cams worldwide, many of which likely weren’t installed properly — and it’d be trivial to use those cameras to spy on people. Until companies either ship more secure cameras or tell their customers how to protect themselves, these surveillance systems will likely represent an ongoing risk.