Q & A questions and answers relating to security and surveillance:

Q: What is the equivalent megapixel rating for 4K?

A: 8 megapixels

Q: what is the next highest resolution after 4K?

A: in the future we will see additional resolutions such as 12K and 16K. 

Q: can I view 1080P video on a 4K TV?

A: Yes, in fact most TVs now can upscale the lower resolution to the full 4K brilliance. This means that viewing the existing content from cable TV or Blu-ray videos will look better on a 4K rated TV. The same thing goes for video surveillance equipment that is connected to your UHD TV.

Q: should I buy a 4K TV now?

A: Yes, a 4K TV can be used right away even with your existing content. Unlike the myths circulating the web, modern TVs can play content of any kind, even old fashion DVDs. 

Q: when deploying 4K IP cameras what type of POE switch can be used?

IP cameras require more power than your traditional POE device. Some IP cameras have infrared and motorized lenses which greatly increases Power consumption. Be very careful when quoting switches that have limited power output or restricted budgeted total power. Some POE switches can only provide 65 W of total power compared to a recommended 270W for a CCTV POE switch.

visiting the Las Vegas security show

Q: Were there many new offers for 4K in Las Vegas? 

A: Yes, even manufactures that were offering resolutions well beyond like 12 megapixels and 20 megapixels. More surprisingly was the amount of manufactures that backtracked away from IP dominance towards analog high definition solutions like AHD and TVI. These low-cost offers that use coax and BNCs are also being upgraded to 3 megapixels and 4 megapixels. These technologies allow brands to enter price sensitive arenas.