Hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean

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Hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean

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During hurricanes and tropical storms homeowners are always extremely concerned with not just a loss of property but also vandalism and theft. Any instance of a tropical storm can quickly lead to opportunity for criminals and opportunistic individuals. Having security cameras installed in both residential and commercial properties abroad cannot just deter the act but also allow remote access, at least will be Internet is still working, for a quick viewing and confirming the lockdown status of the property. 

security camera monitoring for properties during storms

hurricanes and tropical storms in the Caribbean

Here we see the early formation of tropical storm Matthew in the Eastern Caribbean September 2016. The amount of immediate damage two properties throughout the Caribbean is always multipronged. Loss of valuables and a reduction in tourist visits quickly lead to a financial drain for any business owner. Hurricanes and tropical storms also create long-term damage to many areas which also affects the pocketbook. It is vital to have an effective security system in place that will provide peace of mind to  a property owner that lives abroad. Having the ultimate ultra high definition resolution is helpful in identifying important details when a crisis arises. 4K cameras are affordable and extremely available and current marketplace. These UHD cameras Can be used in the Caribbean and other corrosive environment while reproducing the now familiar 4K format. Many of the new DVR’s also have multiple outputs for different styles of monitors. VGA, HDMI, and composite are many times available. 

4K security cameras are the perfect solution for high detail in an ultra secure environment. Wether using this technology in IP camera form or via coaxial cable in an EXSDI System, UHD security cameras are the latest and greatest of all video security Systems. Recorders are also available now in many configurations that allow the processing of the 4K signal. Make sure to inquire about processing power and memory since this increased video size will require additional muscle on the video recorder side. If viewing offsite is necessary make sure you carefully select a device that will allow high definition via networking and provide the same HD format over smart phones and tablets. 

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