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Best 4K NVRs?

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Some of the key features to look for when shopping for a network video recorder are fairly basic. However, some manufacturers add additional performance and functionality that will come in very handy when performing daily tasks or attempting to play back video.  For many of the lower cost 4K NVRs on the market even reproducing live images can be a daunting task.

Best 4K NVR


Cortex security offers unique features like complete image control, analytics controls and full PoE power output for many of their premium models in the Medallion series. The cortex 4K NVRs are completely plug and play with medallion series IP cameras as well as capable of integration with Onvif models. 

Users enjoy the high-performance capabilities of reproducing 4K images directly on live screens and remotely through software dedicated for PCs and smart phones. Unlike many units that are choked by lower performance bandwidth, these units have full capabilities that can connect to outdoor security cameras and can handle main stream the full resolution.

Fort Tampa security cameras and other areas in Florida weatherproofing is a vital feature in any model. Specific needs and requirements are necessary for outdoor security camera. Not only are the cameras exposed to high humidity and extreme rainy conditions, on many occasions the bright sun can distort the images and create issues with color and contrast balancing. Because of the encoding compression technology utilized by IP cameras its important to deploy a Network video recorder that can handle the stream fluctuations and larger package sizes.