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China’s public security expo 2016 Hilton Beijing and attended by thousands of professional security installers and purchasing agents from around the world was an extremely productive event this year. With the latest generations of security cameras and every other solution for electronic security systems on display and available to your curious touch, this show is always a must for any serious security provider. As world markets for security technologies increase and become more competitive it is vital to stay at the forefront and this type of show does not disappoint. 

4K expo

Many Chinese hobbyist and enthusiast also attend these extremely large expositions making an already popular show extremely over crowded. Navigating this Multi building maze is normally very difficult and not well organized. However, this year, apparently after many attend these complaints, the facilities were much better prepared to provide easy access to any specific technology that buyers were seeking. By grouping manufactures in specific arenas of technology a buyer could quickly visit hundreds of booths without having to filter out for a specific industry. Traveling to and from the facilities however remains a challenge with limited access for taxis, extremely long lines at the metro station close by, deadlocked traffic outside at all times. 

Some of the more interesting technologies include  AHD three and four megapixel engineering samples, TVI three megapixel models from many sources, 4K IP as well as the EXSDI solutions, and many new component level solutions that were probably displayed by such producers at Sony, Nextchip and Huawei. 

Much like the last two years many large drone solutions were also on display. In fact so many Autonomous vehicles and unmanned aircraft options we’re available that many visitors stopped finding them interesting and swiftly passed by on-route to more unique offerings. 

Some of our favorite items include:

1. Ultra low cost cameras for kits in packages

2. New DVRs with hybrid solutions that can except up to five unique signals on each channel

3. Ultra high megapixel IP cameras with compatibility for many common NVRs. Some ranging up to the 12 megapixel category

4. New 4K recorders that can capture full frame rate and reproduce multiple channels

5. Advanced analytics software Solutions that actually work

With so many potential new advancements we are eager to move into the future and experience what the security camera world can bring to industry professionals. We are looking forward to our next visit in Shenzhen next year.