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4K Sony CMOS Camera

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Eight megapixel (4K) CMOS Sensors used for network cameras are now trending in the market. 4K network cameras can use many different types of brands for UHD cameras. 4K Sony CMOS sensors are well documented for having a fantastic night time viewing with very little noise and hi levels of light sensitivity. Cortex produces fix lens and motorized varifocal models that use the Sony 4K CMOS in their cameras. 


4k Sony CMOS camera

These UHD cameras have advanced features in the software like analytics that can be used for object detection, line crossing, faced detection and Cross counting. The 16 : 9 aspect ratio of these CMOS sensors also provide an amazingly wide image viewing angle. 

Cortex network video recorderS and software allow remote management and video recording of the video streams from these UHD network cameras. Additional streams can be managed for video management software like our RTSP on port 554 and substreams for cloud backup. 

 By integrating 4k Sony CMOS sensor into Cortex Network cameras this manufacturer provided superior night time performance that can be set for continuous color viewing instead of black and white. Color saturation during daytime and full lighting environments is also increased. The option of converting the image to black-and-white in order to take advantage of infrared lighting is a great option used to many times in excessively dark areas. 

8MP IP Cameras for low light areas are extremely important and provide extremely wide angles because of their aspect ratio.