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4k At ISC WEST 2016

Category : General 4K UHD

Many options for 4kcctv were on display for the last three days in Las Vegas. The iscwest security show was packed with 8mp rated DVRs, NVRs and cameras. Leading the way with perfect image reproduction was the new EX-SDI standard of digital over coax. Most of the suppliers who displayed SDI were happy to hear that dealers appreciate the higher quality video that only SDI can produce and can still be deployed on existing coax architecture. 

As usual, there were the odd example of horrible, large format, images that were listed as 4k but looked more like stretched legacy analog with poor definition and noisy overviews. 
Fortunetly, most 4k UHD examples at the show Inspired visitors and filled many with hope for the near future when 8mp will be the dominating standard. 

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Surveillance For Farming and Aquaculture

Category : General 4K UHD

CCTV surveillance in the farming community is heavily utilized for monitoring live stock and quality control of perishable goods.


surveillance cameras for farms and rural areas

With so much to lose and having easy availability to complete surveillance systems, farming communities have adopted CCTV systems with ease. Today’s security cameras offer incredible flexibility and many levels of quality for monitoring livestock’s health and reassuring a quality product for food markets. Live viewing of animals during incremental weather like cold spells, snow or preventing heat related losses are also extremely practical application. During breeding season, many farmers depend on surveillance cameras to keep a close watch on birthing and fawning. With the new resolution in the 4K level, Extreme detail Is easily achieved and extremely useful when the utmost detail as desired. Watching thoroughbreds sometimes worth millions is important for security and also for maintaining a healthy environment for these animals. Large farming operations involving aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp are now heavenly depending on security cameras for real time surveillance and even water management. Aquafarming is a growing industry with many levels of difficulty. Managing a commercial aquafarm can be simplified with security cameras in key locations.

Wireless 4k systems are already available and highly utilized in farming areas. With wireless, power is still needed, but the long wire runs between building area a thing of the past. Contractors can use IP megapixel cameras with microwave access points that allow access to even the most remote buildings.

There are no limits to what can be done with 8 megapixel cameras in a UHD 4K system. Even just a few CCTV cameras can be enough to maintain a watchful eye with the utmost detail on the creatures that help to feed the world.

Monitoring light stuck on large farms is a perfect ask for a complete CCTV system. Farm CCTV equipment specifically designed for applications that involve high levels of environmental pressures like dust and dirt and high humidity. 

In many cases using hybrid systems that allow standard technology along with wireless IP is perfect for covering all of the areas necessary. CCTV farming systems should be designed with the farmers convenience in mind. 

Make sure to find an expert in the arena of animal monitoring that can help you meet your specific needs. If more research is required, some articles are available on farming surveillance that can create the questions necessary to find the right answers.