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What is 4k CCTV?  4K CCTV  is the main format for all future CCTV systems at the UHD level. This technology is the best image reproduction utilizing IP networks or existing infrastructure through coaxial cable. 8 megapixel video (4k surveillance) video security systems are now commonplace in our industry and will continue to become more affordable to the masses.

With televisions and Blu-ray players continuously upgrading to the new ultra high definition for most devices, security providers are now following suit and switching customers over to the new 8 megapixel video security systems. 4K CCTV .com is devoted to bringing news and information to professional installation and integration companies. 

Some of the best options for this ultra high definition system are IP-based network video recorders or video management systems that can receive signals networks. Some manufacturers can receive signals through existing coaxial cable and thereby reduce the cost of re-routing cables. Some of the most popular up coming technologies include analog high definition and serial digital interface (EX-SDI). Also look up SDI vs IP Which are both digital signals that can be used in the UHD category but with very different live video latency levels. 

Did you attend any tradeshow lately? Please stay in touch with us and comment on any new technology that you find interesting or that you would like us to research. 4K CCTV Technology is available from Cortex in multiple series including the new Medallion collection. This new series uses UHD technology from Sony to create models that perform exceptionally well in low light requirements.