Vehicle 4K Surveillance Systems

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Vehicle 4K Surveillance Systems

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Vehicles throughout the world are now equipped with video surveillance as a means of protecting the public and creating an extremely useful tool for insurance claims. Many business owners depend on real time video streaming through 3G or 4G connections that allow instant access to the cabins and exterior of vehicles. This enables individuals to instantly track their valuable possessions without doubt clouding judgment when business needs to be conducted to generate profits. With the advent of the latest technology in high definition surveillance many systems for vehicles are being upgraded to make a pixel rated resolutions. A question that comes up as many trade shows and events throughout the world is when will UHD 4K be available for vehicles? Yes, there is never simple solution when it comes to sending large packets of information through cellular connections and storing in compromised environments like a truck cabin or a cargo ships engine room. Having a well engineers system is the key for any successful and long lasting installation.


However, megapixel technology is currently being deployed in many high-risk environment including container ships, barges, and aircraft. This leads to the idea that 8 megapixel UHD is only around the corner for applications that involve vehicles. With the evolution of high definition platforms in the 4K category many manufacturers are currently working on ruggedized solutions for vehicles that will soon allow cities and private industries to deploy The latest in high definition technology.

Another very important consideration is size. When designing and deploying surveillance systems in vehicles many times space is limited. Miniature cameras with limited infrared reach and intern limited heat production are critical for these environments. In the megapixel world many times the front-end viewing device will not be reduced in size until A prolonged period of time that allows for immature circuit design and components that can dissipate the heat necessary for size reduction.

Solutions for 4K in the near future include subway trains and city buses where individuals require an extra level of safety monitoring.


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