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The latest updates from the world of 4K surveillance and video security Solutions. 

Did you know that 4K surveillance solutions are now available to the masses? Prices have dropped and new solutions are available every day through retail and wholesale distributors. If you require a new surveillance system many options are available that utilize the latest in 2K and 4K CCTV cameras and recorders.

One of the main hurdles of the latest resolutions for video surveillance is storaging these massive files. When multiple factors are applied, storage calculations quickly sky rocket. We find that when recording in 8 megapixel (4k) Full resolution, hard drives are quickly filled and recycling functions are impossible to apply when long-term recording is necessary. 4k DVRs and NVRs installers need to take storage into account and compensate for not just how your processing power is distributed, but also excessive storage requirements in a multi channel environments. Keeping your archiving needs clearly present and carefully calculated with resolution and frame rate in mind will guarantee that your new ultra high definition surveillance system works as necessary for years to come. 

August 2016 eNews

Did you miss the latest selection of high definition digital options for your home? 

Having IP and SDI options available for video surveillance is something that should never be underappreciated. In the near future, both of these digital solutions will offer UHD or ultra high definition video surveillance to the masses at extremely low prices. With IP cameras, integrators must be conscious to balance the network load and shared bandwidth to prevent slow reproduction. Key benefit of IP cams are edge storage and individual camera settings. For 4K EXSDI The live image is generated at fULL frame rate with no delay or latency. Although SDI technology is transmitted over Coax with BNC connectors, the bandwidth is individual per channel and can carry for distances of up to over 1000 feet. 

Simply put, wether over IP or COAX, Digital technology for surveillance systems will always be preferred over analog high definition because of its superior image processing. Nobody will argue that digital brings more detail to the recording. this means having the ability to count individual blades of grass when viewing your security camera system remotely and watching playback after an event. 

May 2017 eNews

Here are the top 3 requests from users and installers alike: 

1. Q: How do I know if my recorder can process 4K?

A: Check the input specs. With marketing efforts for 4K systems at an all-time high, this buzzword can be extremely misleading. Some recorders will generate a 4K HDMI output that is up converted from a standard 1080P. Much like ultra high definition televisions that can use digital technology to increase the resolution, 4K labeled recorders can sometimes do the same. Make sure to check input specifications if 4K UHD cameras are required. 

2. Q: Is 4K ready? 

A: Yes! However, limitations for UHD Systems are still prevalent. Much like other resolutions in the past, components that are truly rated for 4K are hard to find. For example, many price sensitive manufactures will use lower rated components, like lenses and dome covers, in order to offer solutions that will never perform as expected. Make sure to carefully test all items and request demonstrations.

3. Q: How much more storage will I need compared to 1080P?

A: The easy answer is 4 times more! Yes that is correct, 1080P is 6 times the size of legacy analog while 4K UHD is 4 x Full HD (1080P).