5MP IP Looks great on 4K TVs

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5MP IP Looks great on 4K TVs

Folks tend to forget that 5MP resolution is much bigger than 1080p (which is actually 2MP in resolution). This means that connecting your 5MP IP or 5MP AHD cameras to a standard Full HD TV or monitor will not provide all the definition that you paid for in your CCTV system.

5MP 1440p CCTV Cameras

5MP IP cameras and 5MP AHD coax camera

The security camera industry is now jam-packed with five-megapixel offers in analog coaxial based technology and digital IP. Soon to come will be digital over coax in the way of EX-SDI 4MP and EX-SDI 5MP CCTV Digital camera models.

4K CCTV monitors are not really a thing since most UHD TVs can handle the UHD resolution and continuous abuse that is necessary for surveillance systems. However, using UHD computer monitors with higher refresh rates and higher levels of brightness ( like IPS) can sometimes make a huge difference in how surveillance video at eight megapixels is displayed. Regardless, when installing or deploying a new 4K surveillance system always make sure to compare scaling and aspect ratios and keep everything in line and paired-up properly to avoid distorted video.

At higher resolutions frame rate can also suffer or must be sacrificed in order to process a higher resolution image. Another key aspect of surveillance video in the UHD level is sensitivity in poorly illuminated areas. Cortex surveillance cameras in the 4K category use premium CMOS  sensors specifically designed for low light areas and high color saturation during normal lighting conditions.

Why install five megapixel cameras? Prices are coming down dramatically in the five megapixel category and have replaced many of the other lower resolutions for video surveillance. Five megapixel cameras process through IP systems can be installed directly on your network or POE switches. When necessary, AHD  and TVI over coax can be installed and when using hybrid DVR’s, you can use both.

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POE Problems in CCTV installations

when deploying POE based CCTV cameras many installers overlook some key power problems related to basic POE switches. 4k UHD cameras are no exception and in many cases require additional power. Standard POE switchs will not do when paired with high consumption cameras that have built an infrared illumination, motorized lenses, or pan tilt capabilities.

There are many high-power POE switch options available in the market today. With basic model starting at 7 to 8 W per channel and going up to 25 Watts ( IEEE 802.3at) and beyond as power supply distribution technology improves. Obviously high-power means more expense so make sure to quote accurately to avoid problems in the future.

Eight megapixel video also produce massive conflicts on standard networks. Make sure to read our articles on managing data and creating the correct infrastructure for these resource hogs.

4K surveillance can be managed properly and deployed correctly to provide your customers with unprecedented detail.

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Quality questions on UHD CCTV

The most common question heard today by security professionals has to be “what is the best resolution available?”

This is a very difficult question to answer based on the fact that budgetary concerns are a massive limitation for most applications.

However, for those that have unlimited budgets there are many levels of ultra megapixel cameras available, Even some going beyond the 20 megapixel range.

For UHD 4K systems, we return to the same limitations as legacy analog or IP. Many levels of quality exist within the 4K resolution arena. There are cameras available on the market for under $400 which are rated at 4K (8 megapixel) yet some of the nicest ones we’ve seen are well over $1000 each. So what makes the difference? The answer could be something as simple as the lens. Much like camera prices, there are many levels of quality and prices for lenses that are rated UHD. Once again we have seen prices ranging from $50 up to $600 for a single fixed lens. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Eve true 4K resolution is what you desire, be prepared to shell out a substantial amount of money to get real 4kcctv.