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This year the Las Vegas security show was exciting for many new attendees. Displaying the worlds most advanced security countermeasures and preventative technology, the show is attended by countless exhibitors from around the world and visitors alike.


The security show in Las Vegas

While attendance was lower than expected, many of the exhibitors were very happy establishing new contacts with resellers and integrators. Speaking too many of the exhibitors about future plans, many said that they would repeat their attendance in future events.

One interesting technology that was added this year was drone warfare. With so many new UAVs out and ready for deployment countermeasures are hard to find and highly sought after by corporations and government officials.

UAV in ISC West 2017

Many devices and technologies were available on display to either incapacitate or completely take down drones that are trespassing and illegal airspace or pose a security threat. The technology ranged from radio frequency jamming to Nets that can be deployed.

drone killing rifle

As expected many of these new technologies Drew great crowds and fascinated spectators. In most cases some sales or future purchases were discussed. One conversation about drone take down veered off into trained eagles that are being trained to quickly attack and take down drones that enter secure areas.

Many manufactures backtracked from IP VIDEO to analog technology in the high definition form. Technology like AHD and TVI were prevalent throughout the convention and displayed by many famous name brands. Dahua also displayed their latest generation of CVI, another analog high definition format.

New resolutions throughout the show which generated the most buzz included: 3 and 4 MP AHD, 3-4MP TVI, 4K IP using H265 compression which allows increased frame rate and lower bandwidth  requirements.

The theme for this year in the video category was definitely fisheye. With 180° and 360° views, many 4K Ultra HD IP cameras could be found with the dewarping technology built-in or on the accompanying NVRs. Multi sensor cameras in the four, eight, and 12 megapixel categories could also be found throughout the show. Many of these models require specialized software that can stitch the video images together to create one large panoramic view. Another option for these multi sensor cameras is individual use while utilizing only one housing.

In the access control arena, many companies displayed the latest in biometric technology. Radio frequency readers combined with fingerprint and retina scanning technologies were available. In many cases prices and availability fluctuated depending on the brands and country of origin.

In summation, this years ISC West show was not as exciting as we all hoped, but definitely did a great job in displaying new technology. We hope to see everyone again soon at ASIS EXPO.

Author: Moe Updated: April 14 2017