4K IP cameras

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4K IP cameras

2018 brings the latest wave of UHD IP cameras with many different labels like 4K IP cameras, 8meg IPC, 4K IPC, 8MP Cams and many others. One of the key issues that has held back 4K IP cameras is frame rate. Up to now users had to choose between very high resolution at extremely low frame rates like 1-3 FPS because of compression and throughput technology. With the latest release of high-efficiency compression engines including h.265, more information can be sent via networks and processed through network infrastructures. This means much higher frame rates like 15 FPS or even real time 30 frames per second. Prices fluctuate because of processing power and chipsets inside the cameras.


4k IP camera Processors

Along with better compression and increased functionality a new generation of 4K CMOS sensors have also hit the market from famous brands like Sony and others. This has increased the output of 4K into the mass-market and the general distribution channels. Citing reports from statistic gathering agencies, many distributors in the computer and home automation markets have also increased their offers of 4K IP cameras and recorders to their clients.

UHD IP cameras can be found for a variety of prices which reflects the components used and housings that are chosen. Even the finish and painting on the 4K rated housings have a direct correlation with prices since higher quality finishes and polishing delays production which increases labor costs. 8MP rates Lenses for 4K cameras also have a huge influence on final costs with many manufacturers scrambling to find cheap solutions that can increase their competitive edge. Premium sensors like Sony and Aptina have an effect on the cost of production and engineering.

4k IP cameras and NVRs also benefit from the mainstream branding of 4K TVs and household appliances. This mainstream resolution is now a must-have for any new video product on the market and will soon be dominant in the CCTV and surveillance world as well.

Another advancement in technology that has also increased UHD penetration into the markets is storage size. Western digital and Seagate have both introduced 8 TB and 10 TB hard drives that are dropping in price very quickly. There is even a display for a 12TB HDD visible in the pictures from the last CPSE security trade show in China. These new mega storage hard drives allow simpler cased designs with smaller power supplies which in turn lowers the cost of recorder manufacturing.  With so many affordable storage options and low-cost hybrid recorders, there is little doubt that 4K CCTV will make a big splash in 2018.

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