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Uniview 4M IR Dome

Category : General 4K UHD

Not to be confused with 4K but still a great value with clean 4MP resolution. This Uniview ( Now UNV branded) Outdoor dome has limited IR distance with some IR bounce which is to be expected from any dome shaped cover. This new entry from an America owned Chinese manufacturer is an impressive additional to the IP camera family. Its extremely recognizable design will make it easy for any distributor to shop and price.

Uniview IR dome


*           Smart IR, up to 30m (98 ft) IR distance

*           Up to 120 dB Optical WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)

*           Lowlight surveillance

*           3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)


*           H.265, H.264, MJPEG

*           Embedded smart algorithm

*           Triple streams

*           ROI (Region of Interest)

*           9:16 corridor mode


*           ONVIF Conformance


*           Built-in PoE splitter that outputs DC 12V

*           Wide temperature range: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)

*           Wide voltage range of ±25%

*           IK10 vandal resistant

*           IP66


Next we will test the new signature 4MP outdoor Turret IP Camera. POE on board and a single high power IR LED. Security cameras with this design have become popular and use only one infrared illuminator. Uniview designs their bases with screw covers and ring protectors that add to the aesthetics of the design. 


Uniview Turret 4MP

Signature Uniview IPC


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Vehicle 4K Surveillance Systems

Category : General 4K UHD

Vehicles throughout the world are now equipped with video surveillance as a means of protecting the public and creating an extremely useful tool for insurance claims. Many business owners depend on real time video streaming through 3G or 4G connections that allow instant access to the cabins and exterior of vehicles. This enables individuals to instantly track their valuable possessions without doubt clouding judgment when business needs to be conducted to generate profits. With the advent of the latest technology in high definition surveillance many systems for vehicles are being upgraded to make a pixel rated resolutions. A question that comes up as many trade shows and events throughout the world is when will UHD 4K be available for vehicles? Yes, there is never simple solution when it comes to sending large packets of information through cellular connections and storing in compromised environments like a truck cabin or a cargo ships engine room. Having a well engineers system is the key for any successful and long lasting installation.


However, megapixel technology is currently being deployed in many high-risk environment including container ships, barges, and aircraft. This leads to the idea that 8 megapixel UHD is only around the corner for applications that involve vehicles. With the evolution of high definition platforms in the 4K category many manufacturers are currently working on ruggedized solutions for vehicles that will soon allow cities and private industries to deploy The latest in high definition technology.

Another very important consideration is size. When designing and deploying surveillance systems in vehicles many times space is limited. Miniature cameras with limited infrared reach and intern limited heat production are critical for these environments. In the megapixel world many times the front-end viewing device will not be reduced in size until A prolonged period of time that allows for immature circuit design and components that can dissipate the heat necessary for size reduction.

Solutions for 4K in the near future include subway trains and city buses where individuals require an extra level of safety monitoring.


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Security Cameras In Belize

Category : General 4K UHD

Many times considered part of the Caribbean, much like Costa Rica this central American country is famous for fantastic scuba diving and jungle expeditions. The world famous blue hole found near the coast is surreal and almost out of this world for a scuba diving experience. 

Security camera installers can be found throughout Belize and are the perfect source for local professional service when security is necessary. We can only anticipate the number of difficulties that can be encountered in a country with limited resources and supplies. It is vital to always have a game plan in place way before any project is begun. Commercial technology which maximizes the potential for immediate success is inherently a must when working throughout Central America. Misunderstandings and flawed anticipations can quickly lead a project astray and should be prevented at all costs to reduce loss of valuable work hours and equipment. Another factor to always calculate is operational costs that can quickly range into the hundreds of dollars per year for upkeep and maintenance. Remote viewing for security cameras in these environments throughout Belize is vital for security but also peace of mind. Especially troubling because the Internet connection that can sometime fluctuate and cause disruptions of service and viewing from outside of the country. In mission critical environments satellite data connections can be established even going as far as utilizing solar panels for back up power and regeneration during down times. Calculating all of these variables is an Integral part of a system configuration. 

Economic indicators sometimes point towards short-term solutions that can quickly Leave customers unsatisfied with performance and long-term expectations. The collapse and complete failure of a security system in a compromised environment is a very real possibility that should always be calculated and where a secondary backup system should always be in place. In many instances having the recording device in a hidden location away from any access and providing a simulated dummy target for the savvy criminal is a good rule of thumb. Police security systems have also been in world news thanks to famous celebrities that have blessed the country and left their compromising mark. Limited evidence is a gargantuan problem in Belize where security cameras are limited and the prosecution rate is extremely low with a conviction rate of well below 3%. This leaves plenty of room for criminals to parade around with little hassle. Adding security cameras in Belize City has been an ongoing project for local government with limited finances and much more pressing matters like weapons and tactical equipment needs. 

Consumers are always willing to pay for the items that they find crucial and necessary when all options are explained correctly. Having access to live demonstrations of security cameras in the real world environment is a perfect way to start the presentation for a new client. Make sure that your supplier can provide demo login and guaranteed Network speed necessary for a proper and significant demonstration. 

Digital video recorders used for commercial deployments can regularly provide ample power for quick access to remote video and And accelerated play back speeds. With multi channel play back the commercial grade DVR can quickly allow a user to find and back-up any event crucial to an investigation. Having a digital video recorder with fast processors is an absolute necessity when performance is in mind. CCTV cameras with housings that can be deployed in high humidity and tolerant to extreme heat are also vital in Belize.

Central management Software for computers which allows multiple site viewing simultaneously on one screen or multiple screens is an added benefit for larger systems. Broadcasting simultaneous to multiple smart phone devices is an added benefit of a high-performance security system. Having all these details and researching all your options Will allow the user greater control and performance will making a sound system decision. These security solution best practices are only good when implemented properly. Make sure to avail yourself of any innovation and grasp opportunities to break through and succeed in a long-term solution. 

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Ultra High Def Security systems in Miami

Category : General 4K UHD

Known for its fantastic Latin flair and incredible options for dining, South Florida is a mecca for sun lovers and beachgoers that seek a little chunk of paradise. Having a security camera system for video surveillance is absolutely mandatory with the crime rate as high as it is in South Florida. Miami is well known world wide for its massive population of criminals of all levels.

Many options are available throughout the city including professional installation by certified CCTV contractors. However, there are also many misleading solutions that can offer a simplified low-cost or better said cheap version of a good system. Make sure to request details and all available options when asking for a system for your home or business. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. It is vital to spend some time reviewing all the options and choosing the system that truly fills your needs.

Smart phone apps that allow remote viewing at any time or an extremely valuable option with any system that you purchased. However not all apps are creating a like. Many of the high-performance apps will allow not just extremely high definition on your phone but also options like pinch zoom with resampling technology. This will clean up the video for you while you attempt to move around in the image and perform digital pan tilt zoom.

Another valuable option is to have multiple views during playback. This allows you to view all of the cameras that you have simultaneously when connecting to the unit and viewing playback even from a remote location. This is not just time-saving but also allows for quicker event and situational awareness.

Many small business owners which are the driving force behind the US economy depend heavily on these video surveillance systems for effective performance of their employees. It is also a fantastic way to prevent shrinkage and theft. With an estimated 12 billion in subsidies to small businesses throughout the United States annually security systems fall under necessary equipment and are a must for any size business.

If you Seek a high performing system with all of the nooks and crannies that make a pleasant experience and high-performance when necessary make sure to ask questions and request demonstrations before you purchase. Miami CCTV systems are always plentiful with a massive selection starting from flea market prices to ultra professional performance.

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4k At ISC WEST 2016

Category : General 4K UHD

Many options for 4kcctv were on display for the last three days in Las Vegas. The iscwest security show was packed with 8mp rated DVRs, NVRs and cameras. Leading the way with perfect image reproduction was the new EX-SDI standard of digital over coax. Most of the suppliers who displayed SDI were happy to hear that dealers appreciate the higher quality video that only SDI can produce and can still be deployed on existing coax architecture. 

As usual, there were the odd example of horrible, large format, images that were listed as 4k but looked more like stretched legacy analog with poor definition and noisy overviews. 
Fortunetly, most 4k UHD examples at the show Inspired visitors and filled many with hope for the near future when 8mp will be the dominating standard. 

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Surveillance For Farming and Aquaculture

Category : General 4K UHD

CCTV surveillance in the farming community is heavily utilized for monitoring live stock and quality control of perishable goods.


surveillance cameras for farms and rural areas

With so much to lose and having easy availability to complete surveillance systems, farming communities have adopted CCTV systems with ease. Today’s security cameras offer incredible flexibility and many levels of quality for monitoring livestock’s health and reassuring a quality product for food markets. Live viewing of animals during incremental weather like cold spells, snow or preventing heat related losses are also extremely practical application. During breeding season, many farmers depend on surveillance cameras to keep a close watch on birthing and fawning. With the new resolution in the 4K level, Extreme detail Is easily achieved and extremely useful when the utmost detail as desired. Watching thoroughbreds sometimes worth millions is important for security and also for maintaining a healthy environment for these animals. Large farming operations involving aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp are now heavenly depending on security cameras for real time surveillance and even water management. Aquafarming is a growing industry with many levels of difficulty. Managing a commercial aquafarm can be simplified with security cameras in key locations.

Wireless 4k systems are already available and highly utilized in farming areas. With wireless, power is still needed, but the long wire runs between building area a thing of the past. Contractors can use IP megapixel cameras with microwave access points that allow access to even the most remote buildings.

There are no limits to what can be done with 8 megapixel cameras in a UHD 4K system. Even just a few CCTV cameras can be enough to maintain a watchful eye with the utmost detail on the creatures that help to feed the world.

Monitoring light stuck on large farms is a perfect ask for a complete CCTV system. Farm CCTV equipment specifically designed for applications that involve high levels of environmental pressures like dust and dirt and high humidity. 

In many cases using hybrid systems that allow standard technology along with wireless IP is perfect for covering all of the areas necessary. CCTV farming systems should be designed with the farmers convenience in mind. 

Make sure to find an expert in the arena of animal monitoring that can help you meet your specific needs. If more research is required, some articles are available on farming surveillance that can create the questions necessary to find the right answers.

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New UHD 4K Systems

Category : General 4K UHD

There is increasing attention being focused on the new ultra high definition surveillance systems by many top manufacturers. Like previous generations of CCTV video security, The first generation has taken longer than expected for completion and actual deployment is still hazy. The problem is mainly on the recorder/NVR side since many solutions have limited resources and were not designed to handle the sheer mega amount of data produced by ultra high DEF. However, cameras are widely available in many different forms and price levels. VMS platforms that claim to already except this new 4K format have proved difficult to deploy in the real world. The massive data streams produced by eight megapixel cameras at full frame rate prove problematic for networks and video management systems alike. Having network engineers on hand is always recommended. 4K might not seem like an earth shattering innovation, but it is a huge jump from the common 1080P standard utilized heavily in the video surveillance industry today. 4K systems are actually four times larger than 1080P and will also consume four times the amount of storage. For example if a 1 TB hard drive was lasting for days with the previous 1080P resolution, it will last only one day with a 4K UHD system. 


uhd surveillance


But each new day offers new hope. Hard drive sizes have also increased dramatically in the last few years. It is not common to find 6TB , 8TB or 10TB or increasingly lower prices. Most high-end Cctv systems easily except these larger format hard drives that can not only store more data are actually designed to last longer with specific components and programming design for the video surveillance industry. 

Recording 8 megapixel security cameras is not only tough on storage it is also difficult on the network infrastructure needs to carry the data. Most common networks are not capable of supporting 4K security cameras especially if more than a handful a writing the same backbone. It is crucial to determine existing infrastructure, new network creation, and all of the options available like fiber optics or gigabit LAN technology. 

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Access control integration with 4k video surveillance

Category : General 4K UHD

Currently many levels of integration are available for access control and CCTV including 4k level surveillance. Some of the major software developments in the last decade have included the ability to take popular access control brands and integrate the data into overlapping streams of GUI generated information for video in security. 
By allowing text based search directly linked to the stored video, finding events that are linked to door penetration or perimeter breach become extremely simplified. 

Some advanced software solutions for network video recorders and digital video recorders can even create smart lists of event-based reports which can be used by human resources departments and loss prevention. 

Make sure to request your electronic access control updates when upgrading your surveillance. 

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POE Problems in CCTV installations

when deploying POE based CCTV cameras many installers overlook some key power problems related to basic POE switches. 4k UHD cameras are no exception and in many cases require additional power. Standard POE switchs will not do when paired with high consumption cameras that have built an infrared illumination, motorized lenses, or pan tilt capabilities.

There are many high-power POE switch options available in the market today. With basic model starting at 7 to 8 W per channel and going up to 25 Watts ( IEEE 802.3at) and beyond as power supply distribution technology improves. Obviously high-power means more expense so make sure to quote accurately to avoid problems in the future.

Eight megapixel video also produce massive conflicts on standard networks. Make sure to read our articles on managing data and creating the correct infrastructure for these resource hogs.

4K surveillance can be managed properly and deployed correctly to provide your customers with unprecedented detail.

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Axis releases new 4k speed dome

Category : General 4K UHD

November 2015

Axis has released details on its new eight megapixel rated (4k) speed dome for outdoor use (The new AXIS Q6128-E camera).

Although there are many companies who claim to provide a 4K rated PTZ device, many have limitations like frame rate or use stitching to achieve maximum resolution. This new model operates at full 30 frames per second and provides an astonishing speed of 700° per second which produces a native 4K image without all the tricks. 

With an optical zoom of 12 times magnification The solution is sure to impress during real world performance.